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At Trade Windows Bristol, we offer a vertical slider that has the authentic appearance of a timber sash without any of the drawbacks. Read on to discover why this unique window is the right fit for your next installation.

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    White sliding sash windows


    • Compatible with off the shelf hardware
    • Customisable to meet the highest security standards
    • Wide choice of colours and woodgrain finishes
    • Tickle or glazed vents
    • Standard or fully reinforced to Spectus recommendations
    • Designed to achieve a Window Energy Rating of Band ‘A’ with 24mm sealed units


    Sliding sash windows interior


    • A 128mm outerframe matches timber sash dimensions, making installation simple
    • Windows can be made up to a maximum size of 1600mm wide and 3000mm high
    • Large and small sash profiles give equal sightlines to the top and bottom sashes
    • 150mm and 210mm cills
    • 10mm / 20mm / 50mm frame packers


    Sash horn


    • Authentic ovolo shape to the frame, bead, sash and cill
    • Optional Georgian bars, sash horns, weather bars and a deep bottom rail to achieve a period look
    • Flush gaskets that mimic traditional glazing
    • Approved by many planning boards for use in conservation areas



    Chartwell green sliding sash windows

    Benefits of uPVC Vertical Sliding Sash Windows

    Streamlined Installation
    Our UPVC vertical sliding sash windows offer a contemporary and streamlined installation process. The flush-fitting design ensures a seamless integration with diverse architectural styles, providing a clean and modern look. This flush design not only enhances visual appeal but also facilitates a smooth, unobtrusive finish, making the installation process straightforward and efficient.

    Enhanced Energy Efficiency Solutions
    Designed with advanced insulation features, our windows contribute to improved energy efficiency, presenting installers with a product that aligns with modern standards. The flush fitting eliminates gaps and drafts, guaranteeing optimal thermal performance. This focus on energy efficiency is a testament to our commitment to providing installers with products that meet and exceed contemporary requirements.

    Simplified Maintenance
    Known for their low maintenance requirements, our UPVC vertical sliding sash windows are installer-friendly, offering hassle-free upkeep. The flush design not only enhances aesthetics but also simplifies the cleaning process. With no protruding elements that could complicate maintenance, installers can confidently present a stylish and easily maintainable window solution to the end user.

    Noise Reduction Features
    Our flush-fitting UPVC vertical sliding sash windows are designed to minimise external noise, offering installers the opportunity to provide clients with a more comfortable living environment. Particularly advantageous for urban settings, this noise-reducing feature enhances the appeal of the windows, allowing installers to cater to the specific needs and preferences of their clients.

    Vertical Slider Colour Options

    Explore a comprehensive range of hues, from classic timber grains to heritage tones and bold greys, curated to suit diverse architectural preferences. With 30 colours and textures available, our Vertical Slider colour options empower you to offer the end user a tailored solution, creating a visually striking atmosphere that enhances the overall appeal of any property.

    Explore our colour range
    White sliding sash windows
    Black sliding sash windows

    Double glazed uPVC Sliding Sash Windows

    Experience the perfect blend of heritage charm and contemporary efficiency with our double glazed sash windows. Engineered for energy efficiency, they exceed modern standards while enhancing the visual appeal of diverse architectural styles. Choose windows that prioritise both style and sustainability for your installations.

    Find out more about our glazing options

    Advanced security features

    uPVC sliding sash windows from Trade Windows boasts advanced locking mechanisms and durable materials, ensuring the utmost protection for residential and commercial spaces. Designed with your needs in mind, they offer seamless integration with various architectural styles. Prioritise security in without compromising on style with our secure uPVC sliding sash windows.

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    White uPVC sliding sash windows
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