Stay ahead with triple glazing

Triple glazing is growing in popularity. Whether you’re building a new home or carrying out a window replacement, offering triple glazing and helping your customers keep their energy bills down will certainly give you the edge over your competitors.

  • Specification
  • Specification

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    At Trade Windows Bristol, our triple glazing comprises of three panes of glass, two warm-edge spacer bars, and argon gas, creating superior performance in energy efficiency and noise reduction.

    Our triple glazed units consist of a 4mm Saint-Gobain outer pane, Planitherm Total+ toughened centre pane and inner pane, argon gas filled cavities, and Swiss warm-edge spacer bars.

    • Elite 70 windows allow for a 40mm glass unit
    • Elite 63 windows allow for a 36mm glass unit
    • The cavity created to cater for three panes of glass can improve sound insulation by over 20%
    • Triple glazing exceeds the efficiency of any A-rated double glazed window
    • The centre pane of glass is toughened as standard, increasing security

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