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The ideal solution for medium to high-rise and inaccessible locations, the fully reversible window from Spectus combines enhanced thermal performance, exceptional weathering and a striking deep-bevelled appearance.

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    • Fully rotates outside the building
    • Includes Aeroframe thermal wall technology for improved performance and reduced U-Values
    • Glazing width options: 24mm, 28mm, 40mm, and 44mm
    • Optional third weather seal
    • Cost-effective WER Band ‘A+’ option
    • Triple glazing allows for U-Values to 0.8 W/(m2K)
    • Produced using low-carbon technology
    • Wide range of colours and woodgrain finishes
    • Certified as manufactured to BES 6001


    Reversible window

    Benefits of uPVC Fully Reversible Windows From Trade Windows

    Optimised Thermal Performance for Energy Efficiency
    Offering innovative Aeroframe barrier technology to provide superior thermal performance.

    Offer your clients the opportunity to achieve a WER 'A' rating with double glazing and a low U-value of 0.8 with triple glazing, ensuring energy efficiency and potential cost savings.

    Enhanced Installation Flexibility
    Facilitate hassle-free maintenance with the 180° rotation feature, allowing safe and easy cleaning of the outside pane without entering the room space.

    Provide versatile options for night ventilation, creating a narrow opening of approximately 100mm, catering to your clients' specific airflow preferences.

    Security Solutions Tailored for Peace of Mind
    Install with confidence using our enhanced security locking system, delivering robust protection for your clients' spaces.

    Integrate child-resistant catches to enhance safety measures, making fully reversible windows a secure choice for any project.

    Support Sustainable Practices in Installation
    Contribute to environmental responsibility by choosing windows designed and manufactured in the UK and Ireland, reducing transportation and fuel consumption.

    Leverage BES6001 accreditation for responsible sourcing, earning additional points under sustainability frameworks like the Code for Sustainable Homes or BREEAM.

    Tailored Customisation to Meet Client Preferences
    Provide a range of glazing options (24, 28, 40, and 44mm) to meet specific project requirements.

    Explore colour options and recommend optional 2nd and 3rd weather seals, enabling clients to customise windows to match their aesthetic preferences.



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    Efficient Installation, Maximum Performance

    Experience hassle-free installation without compromising on performance. Our reversible windows incorporate Aeroframe thermal wall technology, providing superior insulation and reduced U-Values. Deliver cost-effective solutions that exceed your clients' expectations. Reversible windows from Trade Windows also come with a WER Band 'A+' option, ensuring energy efficiency and straightforward installation.

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    Durable Build & Low Maintenance

    Our reversible windows are not just a one-time installation; they are a long-term investment. Built with durability in mind, these windows require minimal maintenance, reducing the need for costly callbacks. Offer your clients windows that stand the test of time.

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