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In the world of heritage conservation and aesthetic authenticity, Residence 9 Windows stand out as the epitome of timeless design merged with advanced window technology. Designed specifically for tradespeople who demand excellence in both form and functionality, these windows not only add to the architectural integrity of heritage buildings but also meet modern performance standards.

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    Residence 9


    - 9 chamber system
    - Externally flush finish
    - 0.7 U-value
    - A++ Energy rating
    - 100mm frame depth
    - 28mm double glazing or 44mm triple glazing


    Residence window


    Residence 9 Windows are celebrated for their elegant design, adding to the aesthetic charm of any property. Crafted with exquisite attention to detail and a flush external finish, these windows transform a property's visual allure while ensuring lasting durability. The design features classic lines and authentic detailing, making them an ideal match for both traditional and heritage architectures. Upgrade any property with the distinguished and sophisticated Residence 9 Windows, transforming standard views into stunning vistas.



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    Achieve Outstanding Energy Efficiency

    Residence 9 Windows maintain the classic style of historical homes while incorporating a nine-chamber profile system that greatly enhances thermal and acoustic performance. Crafted with a 100mm frame depth, these windows are engineered to support both 28mm double glazing and 44mm triple glazing options, providing unmatched energy efficiency with an A++ rating and a remarkably low U-value of 0.7.

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    Residence window

    Preserve Architectural Authenticity

    With their externally flush finish, Residence 9 Windows mirror the traditional joinery of timber windows, making them ideal for properties in conservation areas or any setting where maintaining architectural authenticity is essential. Whether it’s a charming country house or a stately Victorian mansion, these windows elevate the property's aesthetics without compromising on modern comfort and efficiency.

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    Trust Residence 9 for Your Projects

    When selecting windows for restoration or renovation projects, Residence 9 provides a solution that respects historical details while delivering peak thermal performance. They offer the visual appeal required for heritage sensibilities combined with the practical benefits of contemporary window technology.

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    Residence 9 window

    Perfect for conservation and Heritage Projects

    Residence 9 Windows not only conform to the stringent standards required in conservation areas but also provide the modern features necessary for today’s energy-conscious world. By installing Residence 9, you ensure that your project enhances a building’s historic charm while incorporating modern-day efficiencies.

    If you want to find out more on how Residence 9 Windows can meet the needs of your next project, get in touch with our team today. Upgrade your builds with windows that blend impeccable style with high-performance.

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